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Finally going on that European vacation, and need an affordable car rental in Paris? Or how about taking the family some place tropical, and renting a car in Costa Rica? Well look no further, CarDelMar offers car rentals from renowned suppliers in all the best locations in the world! CarDelMar caters to all kinds of vacations, be it in  California for spring break or 10 days with a luxury convertible in Spain.

It’s a great idea that we’re more than a little proud of; CarDelMar is the only name you have to keep in mind to get the best car hire deals in just about any location in the world!

Here’s how it works:

Through our elaborate network of well-cared for partnerships, CarDelMar is the only name you need to know in order to rent from 200 car companies in over 6000 locations worldwide. There’s no need to compare prices as well, as our Best Price Policy guarantees you the best deal on your car rental every time!

Cheap car rentals in Italy will allow you to get the most out of your trip. Renting a car in Greece allows you the freedom to travel with ease from the hotel to the beach, or even between islands. Feel up for an adventure? CarDelMar offers you the best deals in places as far away as South Africa or even Australia

With our Refund of Deductible coverage packages, you will be able enjoy your vacation carefree. Our Feedback and Star Rating policy gives you the chance to view the comments and suggestions of other members of the CarDelMar community. Our website is full of features to give you the best car rental experience possible.

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